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Window Tint Installation

Scorpion window tinting film
Karl has tinted vehicles under central KY’s best tint specialist, James Ewen, for 4 years. All automotive window tint is now Scorpion Window Film, machine cut with precision, carrying a Lifetime Warranty protecting against any manufacturer defects. We are now offering precut, DIY Scorpion Window Film for do-it-yourself installation!
-Available in 20%, 35%, & 50% 
-Reduces Glare and Temperature
-Increases Vehicle Value
-Blocks 99% harmful UV rays
-Lifetime Warranty
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When getting your windows tinted, we ask that you make an appointment and leave your vehicle or, if you wish to stay, plan for a minimum installation time of 2-4 hours depending on the vehicle size and difficulty. ALL TINT REQUIRES A CURING TIME OF NO LESS THAN 3 DAYS IN OPTIMAL TEMPERATURES AND ABSOLUTELY DO NOT ROLL YOUR WINDOWS DOWN DURING THIS TIME. If you are getting tint installed during colder weather, it is wise to wait up to 4-5 days in total. Within these days, IT IS NORMAL  to notice soapy water trapped between the tint and glass and/or a rainbow look in the color. As the water dissipates, both should diminish. After dissipation, small bubbles may remain. A SMALL AMOUNT IS NORMAL. Please be aware that there are things beyond our control that can affect the final clarity of automotive window tint such as the age and care of the vehicle prior to installing the window tint. These two common things cause dust and dirt to build up behind the window seals and on the headliner. Although we do clean every window to the best of our ability, we can not prevent every speck of dust or dirt from getting onto the tint. This is beyond control therefore, a certain amount is considered NORMAL, depending on the vehicle. If you are unsure as to what is considered "normal", we are always happy to look at it for you! 

This is the manufacturers warranty that covers anything related to the quality in the manufacturing of the tint. This includes:
-major bubbling

-We are human and do make mistakes. If you feel the final clarity of your tint could possibly be from human error, bring your vehicle back within 14 days for an assessment. We are happy to fix any errors on our part
-A few vehicles require the door panels or back glass brake lights to be pulled in order to install the tint properly. We do our best to re-install everything back to its proper place and will correct anything we may have missed.
-We are able to press out some of the small bubbles around the window frame after the tint has cured. Stop in anytime after the full curing time and we will be glad to help!

-Rolling your windows down within the curing time or any damage done after installation.
-Normal amounts of dust, dirt, and tiny air bubbles.
-Damage due to stripping old window tint. Although we do our best to prevent this from happening, defrost systems or in-glass antenna are at risk.
-Non-adhesion to dot matrix print. Tint may completely adhere, partially adhere, or not adhere at all. Dot matrix is applied by the manufacturer and is something we have no control over.
-Cuts visible from inside the vehicle. Tint patterns are preprogrammed to the cutting equipment. Occasionally, these cuts don't align to the trim inside a vehicle and the pattern must be altered to fit. If it is necessary to do so, the majority of these cuts will not be visible from the outside of the vehicle except around rear view mirrors and mounting equipment on extend cab or multi-passenger van windows. 
-Any mechanical issues unrelated to the tinting process such as dead batteries, burned out interior lights, falling headliners, low tire pressure, low blinker fluid, etc.

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