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Auto Detailing Information

Detailing packages can be purchased online. These packages are designed to give you options, not only to suit your vehicle's needs but fit your budget. The information on this page will help take the confusion out of choosing what works for you at KK Auto Detailing.


Sizing Your Vehicle

When considering a package, we need to figure out the size of your vehicle. On our "Detailing Packages" page you will see numbers 1, 2, and 3 to categorize the vehicle you have. It takes time to achieve excellent quality and this helps us to break down our pricing according to the average time it takes to clean a vehicle properly. Let's assess your vehicle type:

  • Tier 1: car, single cab truck, or ext cab truck
  • Tier 2: 4 door truck or 2 row SUV
  • Tier 3: 3 row SUV or minivan 

Exterior Detailing

The following is a thorough description of products or services designed to help maintain the best possible quality of your vehicle's exterior.

Hand Washing

Clear Coat Cleaner

Hand washing is a manual wash process to ensure the ultimate in exterior contaminate removal. Before we begin, one bucket of soapy water and one bucket of rinse water are prepared. We start with bug remover, wheel cleaner and window cleaner sprays. Next, we cautiously scrubbing the wheels and fender wells and, if needed, a bug sponge is administered to rub off the stubborn deceased.  Then, we use a sponge to bathe your vehicle, rinsing the sponge between panels. Finally, using a gentle spray, we thoroughly rinse off the entire exterior.


Clear Coat Cleaner

Claybar is a specialized product for removing debris from the paint surface. By rubbing your hand lightly across the surface of your vehicle, you may notice a rough feel. We use this product to ensure a perfectly clean surface before every wax or polish.


Clear Coat and Paint Protection

Wax is an nourishing exterior protective barrier for the clear coat and paint to keep it looking it's best. When choosing a package that has wax service, we will apply full protection wax with a random orbital and remove it by hand. For previous customers who have already gotten a full package, we use a spray wax to boost the paint protection between full waxing. We recommend waxing your vehicle at least every 3 months if the vehicle is kept outside or every 6 months if it is garage kept.

Sealant - Ceramic Coating

Extreme Clear Coat and Paint Protection

Sealant, or ceramic coating, relatively new to the automotive scene, is extreme protection for the exterior of your vehicle! Element 119 by System X, our product of choice, is a ceramic coating that can be applied to painted surfaces, plastics, glass, and metals. Its guaranteed to make washing your car a breeze as well as keep your clear coat intact. We use this product on our own vehicles and stand behind its performance 100%. With a lifetime guarantee, we recommend Element 119 for long term protection and to keep vehicles cleaner longer. Click Here to learn about Element 119 and SystemX.


Extreme Clear Coat Enhancer

Buffing is a process to remove heavier swirl marks, scratches, and oxidation from your vehicle's clear coat, bringing out it's brightest shine. Again, both are normal occurrences caused by every day situations. Vehicles that have not been frequently washed and waxed or vehicles that often use drive thru car washes typically need to be buffed. Rubbing compounds are carefully applied with our random orbital, guaranteeing NOT to burn through your clear coat or paint, then, thoroughly removed by hand.

Interior Detailing

Interior detailing is the most time consuming part of the cleaning process. With all the cracks and crevices for dirt to hide in, we focus about 1/3-3/4 of cleaning time coaxing as much as possible from your vehicle's interior.

Wipe Down

Light Housekeeping

Wipe down is a basic dusting of the plastics, vinyl and leather on your dash, center console, door panels, etc.

Quick Vacuum

Light Housekeeping

Quick vacuum will get most light accumulates on your vehicles carpet however, if you have heavy accumulation of dirt, food, trash, etc. this will only get "some" of this build up.

Full Vacuum

Heavy Housekeeping

Full vacuum will get most heavy accumulation of dirt, food, trash, etc. and is performed prior to shampooing.

Pet Hair Removal

Heavy Housekeeping

Pet Hair Removal is for the pets that enjoy the occasional ride or insists on going every time you leave the house. This service is very tedious and requires a good eye with a lot of patience. Unfortunately, there are no magic tools to speed the process.                                 

Spot Removal

Light Clean Up

Spot Removal takes out most minor interior accidents with minimal chemical use and a little elbow grease.


Heavy Clean Up

Shampooing is a more specialized service for heavily soiled upholstery, carpet, and/or foul odors. We use an industrial extractor incorporating over 200 degree water temperatures and shampoo that goes way beyond a basic spot removal to whisk away these annoying problems.

Odor Removal

Heavy Clean Up

Odor removal is one of our newest specialized service for foul odors heavily present in fabric, upholstery and carpet. We use an industrial extractor incorporating over 200 degree water temperatures as well as running an ozone machine inside your vehicle for several hours. For maximum effectiveness, we also recommend changing your cabin filter following treatment.


Vinyl and Leather Protection

Protectant, most commonly known by the brand name "Armorall", is a chemical applied to all leather and vinyl surfaces of the interior of your vehicle. Its properties help protect from damaging UV rays which cause drying, fading, and cracking. It also combats damage from extreme fluctuation of temperatures, dust, and dirt.